Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013


With Premium Beautiful Corset, 
There is no general size such as Small, Medium or Large.

We take 4 Step Measurement... 
and then select the perfect corset size for your body!

It doesn't matter what size you are.. 
Be it Apple, Ruler, Pear or Hour Glass...

It will be perfect for YOU!!

Just 4 simple steps and WALLAH
You'll get the perfect size!! 
p/s: measurement MUST be in centimeters(cm).

Sebab itu penting to deal with the certified & trusted agent of Premium Beautiful. Because we care about you & your body!!

Our TOP LEADER - CDM Siti Rohanna 
With her hourglass body figure! WoWW...

Saya kenal CDM Kak Ana ni dah almost 3 years now... dulu badan dia sangat2 besar... almost 100kg. Her husband almost gave up on her weight... tapi semangat dia sangat kental dealing with her weight issues!! Bukan senang nak jadi macam CDM Kak Ana ni.. 

FROM 100kg to 55kg!!!

For those interested, do contact me anytime ;)

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