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Advantages of PB

Premium Beautiful Corset is no. One in Malaysia who has helped many women in Malaysia solving problems and restore the beauty, confidence and health at the most cun.

It is not ordinary corset, but:
1. Focus 70% - internal and external health.
2. 30% for body Shaping instant n Within 5 minutes
3. 100% confidence bcoz no more stomach buncits.
4. smoothen
5. increase the rate of metabolism in the body so sesuaiii sngt for busy people.
6. Waranty. So, for any damage or torn, may be sent for service. It is FREE
7. SUPERBRANDS. Means, PB high quality and best-selling in the market.
8. PB Far Infra Red Rays have (FIR).
9. International recognition, ACA (American Chiropratic Association)
Recognition of Back Pain Specialist from USA, Qubec and Canada.
10. Fabric Akwatek and Akwadyne go-n is used for astronaut shirt.
11. stabilize body temperature. If the temperature of a hot environment, ACs cool the body. If the temperature is cold environments, PB can warm the wearer.
12. Replacement for long-girdle for those in confinement. Sngt sesuai

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